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Flavor And Spice

Co-Founder & Creator of Flavor and Spice Restaurant a fresh innovative take on a sustainable concept with a everday fresh menu inspired by a wide range of middle eastern kitchens.

Flavor And Spice

Forty Customs

Founder & Creator of Forty Customs a Full service ebike customization shop, providing next level electric bike customisation with custom accessory design and 3D printed parts specialized in Super73 brand ebikes.



Founder & Creator of Eazz.app A true next generation free to use ordering and marketing platform for Table order, Take-Away and Delivery. Through an efficient ordering process and convenience for your guest with a focus on hospitality.



Jasper Aarts Enterpreneur and allround designer and coder specialized in creating total User Experiences in digital innovation, product design and sustainablity. Are you intrigued by one of my concepts feel free to reach out and connect.